Friday, April 16, 2010

Mix Feelings

Lately, I am supposed to be busy preparing for my exams. But that is not what i am doing. Suddenly, there are so many things in my head which is distracting me. Am I thinking too much or are these problem really there? Here I am, sitting by the window along with my laptop, trying to re-evaluate myself. What have I achieved? The answer is that simple... NOTHING. I have come this far and realise I have nothing in my hands. Nothing within my grasps. I am beginning to worried. I needed someone to pour these to, but when I have someone with me, I just would not pour it out. Sometimes I just wish I have a genie. I will just wish for the things I want, and there I will have it within a few seconds. But could I really work with a genie? I will be heading home in a few months time and yet I do not want to leave. I want to be here, somehow. Gazing at the sky, hoping I would get a solution to all my frustrations right now.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chapters of My Life

Here I am, sitting right in front of the computer at 7.15am even though the sun has yet to rise. It is reported that the sun will rise at 8.06am and that is how long I have set to sit right in front of this computer to blog. Moving to Bristol seems to be full of excitement and anticipation. I love surprises. I look forward to everyday, to have my own mini adventures to fill the chapters of my life.

For the last 3 weeks, I have messed up my sleeping hours. Sleeping only when the sun rises, and waking up when the sun sets. It all started with exams. Yes, it is an excuse one would always give. Everything will start with last minute studying and subsequently sleeping late and waking up even later becomes a routine. I got to stop that! Today is no different than any other day. I slept at 3am and automatically awakes at 7am. I hope I would sleep earlier next time, and get a healthier lifestyle.

As the days pass by, I started thinking what have I added into the chapters of my life. Sure that there are ups and downs. I am having a great time here, be it, with new or old friends. I had people misunderstanding me, and I made sure I set things right. Similarly, I have people who give me uncomfortable feeling, yet I am hoping not to be so bias in my judgment. These little things which add up to form the stories in my life.... but what have I achieved as a person? That would be the next chapter of my life.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Energy Pack

How sweet can a person be!!! This is my 'energy pack' from Min Yii...


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bright Day

It only takes one little thing to brighten your day. This is so true!!! Having felt so lifeless for the past one week is one of the worst thing which happened to me. I was feeling tired almost everyday, not wanting to leave my bed. Besides, I was feeling neither happy nor sad. Yes, totally felt like a zombie. I wonder what happened to me. None of my friends could tell too.

Currently, I am looking forward for my holidays. I need a break. Yet, I do not want time to pass so fast. I still have my assignments to do, one due on the 10th and the other on the 15th. On top of that, there will be an exam for my EU law. How great! What is worst is that my family law assignment requires a 5,000 words essay whereas others require 2,000 words. I need more time! I need to learn how to make use of my time WISELY. Since, I could say such thing, it proves that I am not wise enough because I am not making use of my time wisely.

Being here for about 2-2.5months is just great except for the change of weather. It is getting colder each day, and the temperature is only a single digit. The bright side of it, at least I get to experience the cold weather unlike in KL. I am looking forward for snow right now! Life is so different without my family around. I miss everybody in KL... Thanks Didi, for you card and statute book though I have not received it. I miss the seafood and sushi. Life is so incomplete without sushi... I can't even enjoy sushi over here due to the price. The whole difference with the ones in KL is their dollar sign. Paying for one plate of sushi here is equivalent to paying for 6 plates of sushi at home. Sobs. Therefore, I have decided to learn how to make sushi on my own!

There was this one day, when I accompanied one of my friend to get his phone, I happened to see this little boy who was playing with the display phones. Somehow, he approached me to ask me to play along with him. I adore the innocence of young children. They only know how to be happy and just cry when they feel sad. How I wish life is that easy. The little boy even asked me to carry him and did not want to go back with his mum. He really made my day. Probably I am just too simple, a small little thing could make my day easily. Today, what made my day was a mere wave to say goodbye along with a smile. I've waited long enough for that smile to appear.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Updates from Bristol

It has been a month and a half since I have arrived in Bristol, United Kingdom. Dad and bro came with me for a week. It was a hard time for mum, considering I have not left home to a place so far before. Dad totally made sure that I have everything before he actually left for home. As much as I didn't want him to leave, I still have to face the fact. I totally enjoyed the week they were here. Somebody I know, somebody I am close to.

Bristol, so far has been a very nice city for me. Love here a lot, especially the weather!!! No doubt it is cold on certain days, I still love it. I settled down real quick, quicker than what I expected. I still feel like home, considering Mum will msn with me every single day... And Didi will message me every single day. Met so many new friends here. Each from different country, different personality. I managed to get to know this friend, Min Yii, now my dear!!! She is such a wonderful friend. She is there for me whenever I go bizzare. Got to admit, I did a lot of psycho things, things which I will never do, when I am with her. The greatest thing is she knows my dark secrets... Likewise, I know hers. It has been an enjoyable moment with her around. God knows what will happen to me if I had not met her. haha. Probably a loner?

Right now, I am waiting for her to "cure" me... It is so frustrating!!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009


This blog is under "renovation". I promise I will upload as soon as pictures are available! Hopefully by next week.

Girls, I miss you!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Say You?

I can't tell what went wrong due to some reasons. Neither could you. How about putting all those behind and have a fresh start? I am trying to...


I'm back!!! There are reasons why i abandoned this site for such a longgggggggggg time. Needless to say, study study study. It is a never ending thing, so I guess it is no longer a valid excuse? Some people may know the actual reason for my disappearance. Oh well, thought about it for a long time and realise, this is my site. I have the right to express what I want to.

One thing I dislike is, the things I wrote are subjected to someone's speculations. For goodness sake, if you think I am wrong to say something, you can tell me. If I actually write about someone, that person should know their identity. I do not need a broadcaster. If I want, I could subscribe to CNN myself.

Not long ago, I lost something I used to treasure a lot. Some people could sense the anger and the disappointment in me. But nothing could be done. Now i truly understand the meaning of "Never judge a book by its cover". That incident really got me thinking, what went wrong? Nobody will know unless both parties speak up. Will that happen? For now, I am certain it is a sure no. In future, there is a possibility for things to be clarified. By then, we may realise how silly we were. But who is to know? Up to now, I may be silent about it in front of everybody but deep down, I am still upset. I do not like things to be left ambiguously. I need answers. When will I get them? Some may say it is no longer worth it to obtain the answers because things will never change. It is true, but I want things to change. We can make a difference! If you want it to change, the decision is in your hands. But what WE think is the most important? Do we want a change? Are we happy with the situation we are in right now? All I can say is, "It takes two to tango".